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Associate - $100 (5 memberships) Executive - $500 (25 memberships)

We are encouraging local businesses to consider a membership to the Fort Dodge Young Professionals as part of their benefits package to employees.  Employees are more likely to be happy and want to stay in Fort Dodge if they have things to do and friends to do those things with.  Our organization strives to have at least one social and one civic activity each month which would allow your employees to meet new people and become involved in the community.  We try to offer a wide array of events that will appeal to everyone.  For more detail please visit our Events page.

The normal membership fee is $25 per person per year, but we are offering special pricing to those employers who are willing to enroll multiple employees for membership.  Please see below for the break down of pricing, as well as the benefits available for each level of sponsorship:

Sponsorship Levels

    Up to 5 memberships


     Up to 12 memberships


     Up to 25 memberships​

Below you will find the application necessary to get started.  Please fill in all of the applicable information and click Submit.  You can also download an application by clicking here.